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Samuel Ranger on the Skydeck of the Willis tower
Samuel Ranger on the Skydeck of the Willis Tower in Chicago.

Have you been looking for ways to get high converting traffic to your website? Going from place to place, door to door, one google search result after the other, yearning for the solution to pathetic traffic and uncertain conversions. You have finally been granted your wish, this is the place where all your traffic and conversion dreams come true.

I am Samuel Ranger and I help lifestyle entrepreneurs to get high converting traffic by an understanding and application of digital marketing and persuasion techniques.
Here’s what I believe. I believe anyone who truly wants to should be able to live a freedom lifestyle, whether that means living on the beach or spending time with your family or both. I believe that advanced digital marketing techniques and persuasion technology should be available to entrepreneurs of all sizes and not just large corporations with specialized teams that are crafting mesmerizing messages to lure you in. I believe in using the best practices in all things, especially my work for you.
When I left college in the late 80’s, I entered the software industry and had a fruitful and productive career working for companies like Cisco and EMC until 2000. Unfortunately, the dot.com crash put a lot of software engineers out of work, myself included. So I took one of my hobbies ( I’m super curious and pick up hobbies like a kid in a toy store) and went into the Video production business. When I left that business a decade later, I felt unsatisfied. While it never truly flopped, It had not been as successful as I had hoped. I wanted to know why.
Then a business associate asked me to help her with her WordPress website and I entered the world of digital marketing. I studied everything I could find about WordPress, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and a host of other related technical topics. I learned how to drive traffic to any website, however, there was still a problem. Whether people converted or not was still wildly variable. Unlike other digital marketers who would wash their hands of the project and suggest my clients get a good copywriter, I wanted better for my customers.  So I switched gears and began reading anything I could find on marketing and persuasion. I was determined to discover what made my fellow human beings tick.  I even studied under a clinical hypnotist to learn how the human mind worked. Now I bring that knowledge to my customers and readers.
Do you have a digital marketing project you need help with? Arrange a 60-minute chat to discuss your project and determine if we would be a good fit to work together.